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Save the Birds

A new study finds U.S. and Canada have lost more than one in four birds in the past 50 years.

Landscapes are losing their ability to support bird populations

A net loss of 29% of the breeding bird population is an enormous blow. This is the proverbial 'canary in the coal mine' indication that the wider web of life is in trouble too - including us.

Published in Science, '...even starlings, a fast-breeding bird has experienced a startling 49% decline'.

We must do what we can to help protect the birds

Pesticides harm birds both directly – through poisoning and indirectly – by reducing their food supply. Naturally, climate change is taking its toll as well. While there are small actions we can take to protect birds published at, there are broader best farming practices that every homeowner can utilize to protect our soil organisms, plant life, and the food web in general.

  • Avoid pesticides

  • Feed soil organisms by adding organic matter

  • Reduce, avoid or utilize conservation tilling practices to protect our soil and its organisms

  • Plant trees and shrubs to encourage carbon sequestration

  • Protect your soil from soil degradation (avoid compaction, overworking soil when wet, keep the soil covered with plants and mulch, avoid puddling & clods.)

  • Take the time to understand basic soil science, including the nitrogen cycle and the carbon cycle – key principals in understanding the need for soil care. (Soil and Water Conservation Society -

For more research-based information on the science behind losing our bird population, visit

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